Adler 'Niederrad' no. 9

It took me quite some time to identfy this bike, which is in my collection. But now I am sure: it is a German Adler from Frankfurt and it was built between 1891 and 1894.
It is a unique crossover between the original CMC Swift and the later model CMC Swift. It has got the curved lines of the original, but the two 10 mm. tubes to replace a saddle tube that we see on the later CMC Swift.

The early Swift-model was built in license by some other manufacturers, like Adler, Opel and M├ęgret. Adler was the only one who built both models of the Swift, and who created a crossover: a lighter version of the old and heavy CMC Swift, yet reinforced bij the two thin tubes of the later Swift. You will find this bike in the 1893 Adler catalogue and it looks very much like my bike, although some details are different. 
Some details, like the 'flat' bracket and the transverse lug to attach the saddle, are exactly the same as an earlier Adler model in the Bad Bruckenau bicycle museum. Also, the serial number is in line with that bike, which has 9XXX on top of the handlebars. My bike has 14469.

This Adler is really a quality machine, with an interesting steering lock which resembles the Singer patent of 1891, see illustration.

I am still very interested in all kinds of information, pictures and catalogues of Adler safeties. Who knows more? Please send me an e-mail

From the Adler 1893 catalogue,
thanks to the Velorama museum!